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Saddle Secret

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 Saddle Secret is made of pure, natural, non-toxic ingredients. Applying Saddle Secret to your leather will ensure the leather is nourished in a way that keeps it supple and lustrous, making it more resistant to water and mildew. Old leather is rejuvenated and new leather retains its softness and texture with no oily residue.

Saddle Secret is great to use on horse tack, leather upholstery, sports equipment, boots, jackets, or any full grain or top grain leather (Not recommended for suede as it will significantly darken). It is also great for antique furniture and fine wood surfaces.

Saddle Secret is easy to apply. Simply use a clean rag or sock to apply a small amount to clean, dry leather. The amount of product that will absorb will vary depending on the condition of the leather (drier leather will absorb more). Keep in mind that when first applied, the leather will darken in color but will lighten back up as the Saddle Secret is absorbed. If applying to boots with a leather sole, make sure to apply to the sole as well but then give the boots a few days to fully absorb the product before wearing. 


Saddle Secret is made locally in Western North Dakota.


Wholesale or bulk orders - contact Jim directly